Memories of Bolton Lodge

as told by Rick Krause (Published in the Bolton Community News, October 1996) A mile north of Bolton Notch and just a few yards from the old railroad bed, stands a lonely pavilion overgrown with brush and trees. On this spot a century ago stood a private hunting and fishing lodge prized by its members … Read more

100th Anniversary of American Automobile Manufacturing

(Published in the Bolton Community News, June 1996) This year marks the 100th anniversary of American automobile manufacturing. It is truly amazing to contemplate how far the transportation industry has come in one century. Take for example these rules published in the early part of this century by the Farmer’s Anti-Automobile Association in Pennsylvania: “Automobiles … Read more

Wiring Bolton

by Larry Larned, town historian (Published in the Bolton Community News, August–December 1995) Chapter 1 Have you ever wondered what life was like in Bolton before electrical power was commercially available? This usually comes to mind when the power goes off and we sit in darkened rooms hoping the service is restored before our well … Read more

Bolton’s Old Houses

by Larry Larned, town historian (Published in the Bolton Community News, December 1994–February 1995) Chapter 1 During November an article appeared in the Hartford Courant real estate section about the ownership of old houses. Although Bolton was not specifically mentioned, one aspect of our town was discussed: how old houses provide a link to the … Read more

Our Town Hall

by Larry Larned, town historian (Published in the Bolton Community News, April–October 1994) Chapter 1 Bolton town hall is a place where we cast our vote, license our dog, pay our taxes, and attend town meetings. But our town hall wasn’t built as a town hall–rather as a place “to promote the social and intellectual … Read more

Maude E. White, Postmistress

Maude E. White, Postmistress by Larry Larned, town historian (Published in the Bolton Community News, February 1994) A bit of Bolton history was recalled recently when Ruth Finley Bell of Rockville graciously donated family items of another era to Ruth Converse, historian of the Bolton Congregational Church. The items belonged to Mrs. Bell’s grandparents, the … Read more

Bolton’s Telephone History

by Larry Larned, town historian (Published in the Bolton Community News, June 1992–October 1993) Chapter 1. Prior to 1902, Bolton’s only method of contacting the outside world, other than the U.S. Mail, was by Union Telegraph at the Bolton Notch railroad station. The station agent would take your handwritten message and, for a fee, transmit … Read more

Ralph Earl, Early American Portrait Painter

(Published in the Bolton Community News, April 1992) In an unmarked grave, presumably in Bolton Center Cemetery on Hebron Road, lies one of early America’s foremost portrait painters. Ralph Earl was born in Massachusetts in 1751, but moved to New Haven, Conn., as a young man to establish himself as a painter. Due to his … Read more

For the Train Buffs

(Published in the Bolton Community News, February 1992) The state-owned hiking trail that runs through Bolton from Valley Falls Park to Willimantic is an old railroad bed. From 1849 to the mid-1950s the Hartford, Providence and Fishkill Railroad traveled through this corridor. It brought prosperity to Bolton’s slate and grindstone quarries at the Notch. The … Read more